Visualize Your SharpSpring Marketing Data on Google Data Studio

Our connector provides you with the easiest way to get your
SharpSpring Marketing Data into Google Data Studio.


Access Sharpspring Data so that you can create
custom reports that are valuable to your business.

Google Data Studio

Create dynamic and real-time reports using Google Data Studio. This flexible platform allows you to merge several data sets so that you can make insightful decisions.

Our Sharpspring Google Data Studio Connector

Our Connector was built to provide your company with the flexibility to blend data, create complex dashboards, and automate your reporting. With Reas Connector, you’ll be able to connect deeper to your SharpSpring marketing data, and see what’s working and what isn’t at a glance.

With our Connector, you can analyze sales and lead data with all of your custom fields, report on high-value opportunities, target accounts, blend opportunity data with leads, email data, and much more!

Level Up With Dashboards

The endgame of collecting marketing data is to end up with reports that can be strategically used to influence marketing efforts. These should be easy-to-digest reports that would not seem overwhelming to your boss or client. Spreadsheets are great tools for data processing and analysis, but they are not quite as effective when it comes to presenting your results to non-marketers. Data visualizations and dashboards are the way forward.

With the help of Reas Connector, you can quickly connect your SharpSpring marketing data to Google Data Studio, where you get a free hand to create the kind of dashboards you want.

Access — and Use — The Full Data Schema

Reas Connector connects to the internal CRM functionality of SharpSpring through the SharpSpring API to extract your data schema. This affords you maximum access to all metrics and fields that are important to your business otherwise not useable in SharpSpring and allows you to report them.

Automated Data Syncs, More Time to Focus on What Matters

Save hours of manually creating reports and switch to automated data transfers.
Spend time focusing on what’s most important getting results.

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